Terms of Use

Billing Terms
Hourly rates have a 1-hour minimum and are billed in 1-minute increments thereafter.

Billable expenses include software or services related to individual projects, supplies,  postage or courier services,  etc. Provirtua reserves the right to determine billable expenses.

Emergency (after hours, weekends, holidays) or rush jobs will command an additional charge of $20.

Invoices & Payments
Invoice will be emailed, or hard copy mailed (upon request).

Invoice payment is due upon receipt. After an account is unpaid for 10 days, terms will be changed and services suspended. Late payments will command (28 days after date of Invoice) 5% fee per month. Unpaid invoices will be turned over for collections at my discretion.

Project payments must be made in full prior to work beginning. For large projects payment arrangements can be made upon request but will be automated via PayPal subscription payments.

Regular clients who have an average of 4 hours or more per month will be asked to do an automated recurring monthly payment based on their history.

Regular clients with a lower average or occassional requests can simply purchase a single half-day or full-day block of time and use it until it’s depleted or if it’s really a small project we can make arrangements for a prepayment more appropriate to the estimate.

Prepaid time is non-refundable but is valid for the life of our relationship.

Time spent over the prepaid amount will be billed at the end of the month and is due upon receipt.

Payments can be made via Business Check (Europe only), Money Order, International Money Order, or Credit Card via PayPal.

Returned payments will command a $30 service fee.

Work will not commence until an Agreement or Policies & Procedures Agreement is signed and an initial payment is made.

Policy Changes
Rates and Terms are subject to change. I will do my best to only make policy changes on a quarterly basis.